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Yachting Photographer

Filmmaker - Expedition and Travel Documentarian.

Jainie grew up surrounded by boats and creative minds. Exported from Yorkshire to Australia at the age of four, her formative years were a whirlwind of exploration in a gorgeous double-ended classic bus, learning to read and write under trees teeming with parakeet and and a landscape alive with nature.

Returning to the UK wasn’t an easy transition and her zest for the unknown soon found her afloat as bosun with the Ocean Youth Club, learning the ropes in some of the world's most challenging tidal and weather conditions. 25,000 nautical sea miles of Scottish and Irish waters before the age of 18 sealed her destiny, and today she is a yachting photographer for some of the finest vessels afloat and has travelled to all corners of the globe, documenting and capturing some remarkable vessels and their even more remarkable projects.


With a Bachelor of Arts degree in fine-art photography and over 30 years of experience shooting Superyachts for most of the yacht brokerage and charter companies, countless glossy magazine and book covers, and working alongside some high-end event companies, Jainie’s enthusiasm, professionalism and creativity has no bounds. 

Today, Jainie is using this skill base to sideways specialise in films and photos based around Superyachts and their expeditions. Tugboat-style explorer yachts are the latest trend in luxury travel, providing discerning adventure-seeking owners with access to remote and unchartered destinations that traditional Superyachts simply couldn’t reach before.

A seasoned expedition photographer/videographer is key to ensuring those memories are recorded forever and not lost amid a snowstorm or tropical downpour. From the icy tundras of the Arctic regions to the arid coastlines of the African continent, Jainie is a one-man band of visual storytelling!


The challenge of blending creativity with technical is where Jainie’s photography and videography truly shine. Lover of land rovers, bi-planes, motorbikes and all things gritty and raw, her passion for the explorer yachts of today gives her an unmistakable flair and expertise in this field.

Her latest on-going project is for the charity, ‘Save the Med’, an ocean preservation team of committed environmentalists

based in Mallorca.


Passionate, energetic, professional and discreet.

And a bundle of fun too!

Jainie Cowham on photography location
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