Jainie Cowham BA (Hons).

It all began as most fairy tales do; in some far far away lands, nestled between candy floss mountains and sparkling azure seas. In my story, that idyllic backdrop was laced with the exotic smells of eastern spice and the delicious taste of smooth velvety cafe….. Yani’s cave was where I headed of a morning, climbing the goat trails high into the mountains and leaving the tiny picturesque fishing port far below to mingle with the reflections of the ocean.

That is how I became a photographer!

Back then I was armed with sketch books and paint brushes, but never could I capture fast enough the ever changing face of those mountain ranges. It’s remarkable how fast light can change what we see. So one day I took a photograph, to preserve that magical moment of light, and I simply never returned to painting. I had found my voice.

Since then I have pursued photography with a gusto equivalent to caffeine addiction! And in this past decade I have specialised in the gloriously challenging world of the moving image. Jainie Cowham Photography should, strictly speaking, now be called Jainie Cowham Imagery, for it is precisely that, the image, be it moving or still, that inspires me yet.

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with a multitude of remarkable people and companies. On the yachting front most all of the big agencies and publications, and some choice yacht designers and builders. My early curiosities for those far far away lands didn’t change as I ran headlong into adulthood, and as you will see, my travel and documentary sections speak loud and clearly for themselves. One of my most treasured areas of work is with events and theatrical style productions. This section is limited on my website in respect for my clients privacy, but the showreels will give some example of the fabulous world of make believe I have the pleasure of loosing myself in. I have rubbed shoulders with set designers, theatrical actors, make-up and costume artists, delved into the fascinating world of story telling, choreography, logistics and special effects. It’s Hollywood in manageable bite size pieces!!!

It’s actually really difficult to write about yourself, so without further adieu, I will leave you to peruse my website at your leisure, for I believe the idiom, ‘an image speaks a thousand words’, to be entirely true!